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When one door closes…

Having fun with flavors, being creative with recipes, and sharing food with friends and family were the initial inspirations for the founders of J.T. Copper in 2015. With an original focus on their vanilla extract and baking blends, Jolie and Theda had to apply the brakes as a worldwide vanilla shortage took hold, causing the prices to soar and the quality to decline. Per kilo, vanilla prices have rivaled that of silver and at times, gold.

With the vanilla crisis far from over, Jolie and Theda decided to move forward with phase two of their flavor plans: Small batch syrups.

Exceptional flavor products

Made in small batches and bottled in Floyd, VA.

Using simple methods and quality ingredients, these syrups provide exceptional and interesting flavors without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. From coffee and desserts, to sodas and cocktails, our syrups will elevate your favorite recipes and inspire new creations.

J.T. Copper syrups are now being used in regional cafes and are available at Red Rooster Cafe in our hometown of Floyd. Coming soon to online!


Our Ingredients



Surprisingly simple ingredients - remarkably delicious results.  

We know that the quality of a product depends on what goes in it, so we work tirelessly to ensure that our syrups are comprised of simple, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced and carefully prepared.


How To Use Our Syrups



J.T. Copper syrups are highly versatile - just a drizzle will add delightful layers of flavor that complement a variety of recipes. Delicious in coffee and cocktails, delightful in desserts, the possibilities are endless. Experimentation is strongly encouraged!