Our Vanilla


Our Vanilla

Exceptional Vanilla Extract

Each bottle is crafted by hand in Floyd, VA and contains the finest, all-natural ingredients. 

Aromatic, creamy and richly flavorful, vanilla extract has been a pantry staple for generations. But despite its foundational role in countless recipes and delicious concoctions, this kitchen workhorse’s namesake is most commonly associated with “plain” or “boring.”

However, there is nothing plain or boring about our small batch, artisanal vanilla extracts. Our premium ingredients and meticulous process yields a product that is robust, intensely flavored, and able to single-handedly add depth and complexity to any dish or beverage. 

But, what really makes JT Copper Extracts distinct is our base ingredient: pure, Appalachian Moonshine. While conventional extracts are made with vodka or bourbon, our recipe begins with this legendary homebrew - that's where the magic begins and it just gets better from there!


Our Ingredients



We know that the quality of a product depends on what goes in it, so we work tirelessly to ensure that our vanilla extract is comprised of simple, natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced and carefully prepared

We use only organic vanilla beans from small-scale farmers in Madagascar. Our moonshine comes from the finest local Appalachian distilleries.  Many of the recipes date back to the Prohibition Era and have been meticulously perfected and handed down through generations. 

For our flavored varietals, we use organic ingredients that are locally sourced when possible. 


How To Use Our Extracts



JT Copper Extracts are highly versatile - just a few drops will add delightful layers of flavor that complement a variety of recipes. We have some suggestions, but experimentation is strongly encouraged!  

Click on the images to view some of our featured recipes. 


We could talk about our extracts all day long, but we think it's better for you to experience them first hand.